NFL Power Rankings Consensus Graphs

This has nothing to do with movie reviews. If you're not interested in the NFL, move along.

John Crean at Bolts from the Blue does a weekly post called Power Rankings Consensus, where he gathers NFL rankings from across the web and does statistical analysis on them. I'm a big fan of John's work, and recommend that you look at it before continuing. This is the first post of the 2015 season, which gives explanations of what he's doing. Links to the current week's article are included with the graphs below.

A while ago I started making graphs to track the power rankings consensus over time - while John's posts do show change from the previous week, I wanted something for the whole season to date. This project began tracking only the AFC West, but inevitably grew to include all the data.

This post will serve as a central hub for links to pages holding each week's graphs.

Week 13
Week 14
Week 15

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