Saturday, April 20, 2013

2010 Movie Rankings

I can’t find any reviews from 2010, but I do have the list I made.
1. Scott Pilgrim
2. Kick-Ass
3. Inception
4. Black Swan
5. True Grit
6. Let Me In
7. How to Train Your Dragon
8. Tangled
9. The Girl Who Played With Fire
10. Karate Kid
11. Harry Potter 7 part 1
12. Never Let Me Go
13. Knight and Day
14. Tron
15. Narnia: Dawn Treader
16. Prince of Persia
17. Salt
18. Iron Man 2
19. A-Team
20. Alice in Wonderland
21. Robin Hood
22. Jonah Hex
23. The Last Airbender

The only comment I can find is as follows:
Just saw True Grit. Hard movie to place on my list. It was very, very good, but the coda did nothing for me. I’ll put it at #5, below Black Swan and above Let Me In. With a different ending, I think it would be 4.

Also, Last Airbender is the worst movie I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen Mortal Kombat 3.

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