Saturday, April 20, 2013

John Carter

John Carter is a funny beast. Disney spent very large amounts of money on an adaptation of a relatively obscure raunchy sci-fi adventure series from the beginning of last century and aimed it at the family market. Okay. First, the books (and movie) are sci-fi in the same sense that Jules Verne is sci-fi, which is to say the authors knew nothing about science but wrote pretty decent adventure novels. The movie John Carter is reasonably entertaining, but it looks like a movie that cost half what they actually spent on it. Worse than that, the action sequences frequently felt like someone decided “hey, we need a fight scene here.” They weren’t terribly compelling. The movie as a whole wasn’t terribly compelling either, though it was entertaining. Just don’t set your expectation bar beyond silly-summer-action-film, for values of silly equal to potentially nonsensical plot and setting elements, not comedy. Still, if this is the worst movie I see all year, I’ll be very happy.

1. The Secret World of Arriety
2. John Carter

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