Saturday, April 20, 2013


Difficult to know what to say about this. I’ve seen the other two Alien movies (and Alien 3, but that doesn’t count). It’s been a while, though, and I was never a devotee. I appreciate that they are very good movies, but I don’t believe I watched either more than once. I am also not a horror fan.
I liked this movie very much. Not everyone in the theater did, though, and it’s difficult for me to say why. Were they hard-core Alien fans who were disappointed? I overheard one person after the show complaining about a creature design decision. Another person complained that the plot was not original. And honestly, the plot is not substantially different from The Cabin in the Woods, but with better sets and production values.
And oh, the sets and production values. This is a gorgeous movie. Spectacular. Sumptuously sci-fi even when using aerial shots of Iceland. The acting, also, is superb, particularly Michael Fassbender.
From where I sat, the plot and dialogue were perfectly fine; what they might have lacked in actual originality was made up for in Alien-ness.
I would be less reservedly enthusiastic if I had not heard complaints, I suppose. And certainly if you’re squeamish you should stay the heck away from this movie. But this is my number three for the year so far, which isn’t bad at all.
TLDR: beautiful, well acted, wonderful atmosphere, icky in places.

1. The Avengers
2. The Cabin in the Woods
3. Prometheus
4. The Secret World of Arrietty
5. Hunger Games
6. The Lorax
7. Snow White and the Huntsman
8. Mirror, Mirror
9. John Carter

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