Saturday, April 20, 2013


Bond review, the quick version. This is not a great movie. The pacing was slow. Like the director decided it needed to be stately, so he made oddly long scenes. They began a few seconds early, and lasted a few seconds too long.
Also, all of the bits relating to computers were laughably bad. Painfully bad. Atrociously bad.
The action scenes were generally good. The sort of contrived, large set pieces we expect from Bond.
Mostly what bothered me was the plot. The new set of Bond movies was supposed to modernize the franchise, but this one spends a lot of time talking about the past, and navel-gazing.
Still, it was Bond, and it was entertaining.

1. The Avengers
2. The Amazing Spiderman
3. Brave
4. The Cabin in the Woods
5. Looper
6. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
7. The Secret World of Arrietty
8. Argo
9. Skyfall
10. Cloud Atlas
11. The Dark Knight Rises
12. Men in Black 3
13. Prometheus
14. Hunger Games
15. The Lorax
16. Snow White and the Huntsman
17. Total Recall
18. Bourne Legacy
19. Mirror, Mirror
20. John Carter

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