Sunday, May 24, 2015


Insurgent is the sequel to 2014's Divergent. If you haven't seen that movie, don't bother seeing this one. If you have, and liked it, then go ahead and see Insurgent - it's not worse. If you didn't like Divergent, then go ahead and pass on Insurgent - it's not enough better to make it worthwhile.

Production values and acting are both solid, but the premise leaves much to be desired. My complaints from the first movie largely stand. Some points are addressed, but a discussion on that topic involves spoilers.

On the other hand, both Divergent and Insurgent turned a profit, and the studio has committed to a two-part adaptation of the third book, so what do I know?

Performance: 3/5
Plot: 1.5/5
Production: 3.5/5
Overall: 2/5
Bechdel: Pass (A)
Mako Mori: Pass
What are these?

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